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Nothing can be more misfortunate than having your phone wrecked. All the important work comes to a stop, and the FOMO of not being on social media is horrifying. If you are facing any kind of trouble with your iPhone then taking it to iPhone servicing is the quickest way to solve all the queries. There are a few steps that you should ensure that it is taken before you go to iPhone servicing. 

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  • You can save up money by checking that your device is still under the warranty period. Apple warranty lasts for 1 year, starting from the day the device is purchased. 
  • If you want to extend this then AppleCare+ is giving 3 years warranty with extended help. With it, you can take numerous other apple devices to be repaired, and they have numerous benefits. 

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  • Know what services are given by them before entering the iPhone servicing center. Apple service center repairs the phone on the same day, which saves a lot of money. 
  • You can check the status of your phone after it is given to service by visiting the iPhone servicing center.

Call the center

  • If you want to save your time, then it is better to call the iPhone servicing to know if they are free at the hour that you are supposed to visit. 
  • They suggest that it is better to contact them beforehand and visit the website as they can give you the right time to bring your phone in. Book an appointment in case you can’t spare enough time for servicing. 

Remove security locks while iPhone servicing

remove password for iphone servicing
  • If your device is facing a major issue, then it can be at the center for a few hours. You should ensure that there are no passwords on necessary apps because iPhone servicing is efficient then. 
  • The repairing center does not have to contact you multiple times to know the codes. They will not try to invade any privacy as it goes against their company beliefs.

Backup your device

  • Losing all the data is a scary situation as it will be quite impossible to recover after it is all gone. Here a step-wise procedure is explained on iPhone backup.  
  • The service center is not responsible if your data is lost which is why making sure that is backed up is a step that should be taken. 

Do not attempt DIY techniques

Do not attempt DIY but take it to iPhone servicing
What not to do when going for iPhone servicing to stop from further damage
  • It is our first tendency to search on the internet when anything goes wrong. It is advised to not put your phone inside rice or open it in any way. 
  • Apple service center may not come to your rescue if you have tried different hacks and damaged them further. If you need expert advice on some common issues, then it can be seen on the iPhone repair service.


remove password while taking it for
  • It is a must to remember accurately all your passcodes to enter the device successfully. Prepare it before going for iPhone servicing as it will not cause chaos in the store. 
  • If you cannot remember your password then go to It will ask you for your Apple ID after that the password can be reset and your device can be recovered. 
  • Remember to turn off the feature of “find my phone” on your devices as it blocks them from entering your device. It can cause a hindrance while repairing the device. 


low battery for convenient iPhone servicing
  • If your phone has a battery issue, then it is better to take the device to an iPhone servicing below 30 percent. Do not keep the device on charge as the professionals will identify the problem conveniently. 
  • If you take AppleCare+, it covers battery issues as well as two accidental damages per year. Check out the iPhone battery to know when you replace it.

Proof for iPhone servicing

  • While buying the device, you get warranty proof which is an important piece of paper that has to be taken when you have to show it to iPhone servicing. 
  • Take device purchasing sales receipts as well because they can ask for them in the store. If you have lost the receipt then contact the seller or email them to send another copy to you. 


The prices displayed below for iPhone servicing are when there is no warranty coverage for the iPhone. 

Model namePrice
iPhone 5s$ 399
iPhone SE$ 399
iPhone 6S$ 409
iPhone 7S$ 419
iPhone 8S$ 519
iPhone XR S$ 589
iPhone 11 S$ 589
iPhone 12S$669
iPhone 13S$ 669
Information credit: iPhone repair

Detailed price of different models are given on the Apple service website to take a look at.

Apple accessories

Take your AirPods or Apple watch if the problem is affecting them as well because they will do a throughout service. These products come under the section of warranty as well, you do not have to go anywhere else as they can be repaired at the same store. Read on smart watches here.

Personal ID

The center will ask you for personal details to verify the buyer. Keep a passport or driver’s license so that when they ask, you do not have to go back and get it.

Take service at Pronto Arigato 

  • If your phone has run out of its years to go for warranty then Pronto Arigato is more than happy to help you. There is expert help which will solve any trouble within 24 hours. 
  • You do not have to leave your house as they repair the device by visiting your place to conserve time. Not only Apple devices but numerous other gadgets are checked here. They have been known to give their customers a satisfactory job which is why they have an unbeatable reputation.
  • You can visit to check out the different services that they have been giving to their customers for quite a while now. One can also buy products from this site. It is a one-stop solution to all the issues. 

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