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Sheena Phua X Pronto Arigato

"Exclusive Discounts for any repair service with Pronto Arigato."

My wonkey MacBook from 8 years ago is alive again! Never thought I could revive it because it looked like a lost cause. Shoutout to @prontoarigato for making the impossible happen!! Gotta love the seamless on-site repair and free transportation services. Highly recommended 💯

— Sheena Phua

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Sheena Phua X Pronto Arigato

Thank You Sheena Phua for allowing us to bring your device back to life.
Also for recommending us to your friends!

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Sheena Phua X Pronto Arigato
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If you’re facing a hardware related issue, we offer the best solution, regardless model or make. Chat with us to find out whether you need to send in your device or resolve it yourself!

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On-Site Repair

battery replacement

Battery Replacement

Unable to charge properly? Discharge or depleted too fast?

lcd screen repair

LCD Screen Repair

Screen flicker, cracked, faded or lines across the screen?

water damage

Water Damage

Water spill on your laptop? Get it cleaned as soon as possible!

data recovery

Data Recovery

Lost all your project files? We'll recover your damaged files.

software diagnosis

Software Diagnosis

Something went wrong? Let us diagnose it, and you decide.

slow performance

Slow Performance

Speed up your computer by upgrading your RAM, etc.

motherboard repair

Motherboard Repair

You don't have to buy a new expensive device. We make yours new.

upgrade parts

Upgrade Parts

Not enough space or can't play that new game? Upgrade your parts!

Repair, Buy & Sell

You can choose to repair with us, buy from us, or sell to us!

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Over 500++ Reviews

From Happy Customers!

Our amazing reviews from our satisfied customers speaks for itself in showing our commitment to providing excellent service.

Over the years, we’ve taken this business further than we could have possibly imagined and we owe the success of our company to all of our delighted customers.

Ain Mfd
Ain Mfd
@ ainmfd
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This would be my 2nd time putting my trust in Dean from Pronto Arigato to fix up my 8 year old macbook..after the first time, he fixed ALOT of my internal parts with affordable rates, without hesitation i knew that he is a reliable person to fix any internal components to your laptop devices. I had a my friend & brother referred to him, and of course its 👍🏻.. Thats why i kept coming back for advices & fixes to my laptop.
Nur Fadilah Mohd Ali
Nur Fadilah Mohd Ali
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Pleasant experience from before laptop collection till laptop delivery. I feel at ease when they told me “your device is in good hands” when I asked an update. Price was reasonable and when they delivered back the device, they advised and shared tips with me on how to care for my repaired macbook air. Thank you Pronto Arigato team!
Nurhuda A
Nurhuda A
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Had trouble a couple of times with the laptop but they never turned me down. Thank you for reviving my laptop. Thank you for being very patient with me (and the laptop as well). Highly recommend Pronto Arigato!!
hidayat mahadi
hidayat mahadi
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Two thumbs up for their prompt and excellence service! Got to know them from socmed and lots of of good reviews, so I decided to bring my 4years old 4/10 condition ASUS ROG laptop to them. Lots of problem for my laptop(i think la haha), but they know exactly what's the issue and I'm very confident with their servicing . No doubt . Awesome job done , awesome people , no regrets ! Thank you guys !
Loh Hui Peng
Loh Hui Peng
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They are a bunch of awesome people. They picked up my laptop for free. Diagnosis my dead laptop that had been working since 2011. They ‘rescued’ it and upgraded the parts and recommended the services that come with it. I had brought my laptop to Apple Store and they just told me they cannot do it anything. But Staff from Pronto rescued for me! Prices are reasonable and they sent it back to you after repair.