Terms of Service

The Pronto Arigato Service

Effective as of 1 January 2021.

1. Enquiry

Have a chat with our friendly staff regarding your device’s issue. For more complicated cases, best to provide videos/photos as well for us to understand your issue better. From there, we’ll be able to let you know the suspected issues, with the likely fees for repair and turnaround time. Of course, we’ll have to confirm the issues once we receive your device in our centre! 

2. Sending in Your Device


Monday-Sunday: 11am-7pm (Closed on PHs)

3. Service

General diagnosis on your machine will be carried out before any/all repairs. If needed, we’ll check-in with you regarding the results of the diagnosis and we’ll confirm with you if we’re good to go with the discussed changes. Note that for straightforward requests, we may immediately proceed as per agreed prior to collection. Do note that motherboard/logicboard repairs generally take 5-7 days for completion. Unless requested for return, faulty replaced parts will be disposed of.  


Throughout the repair/upgrade process, we’ll drop updates when necessary regarding the changes made to your device. If needed, you can drop us a message to check-in on updates too! 

5. Completion & Device Return

Upon completion, you can drop by for collection or we can arrange for free delivery! Do note that if no repairs/upgrades were carried out, there may be a $30 service/diagnostic fee applicable.

Once your device is ready, you’re welcome to drop by our centre for collection. Do set an appointment with our representative first to minimize waiting times in our centre. Payment method preferred is PayNow/PayLah!, cash works too.

Free delivery

Do note that we have a strict policy where we have to receive payment before we’re able to send out the machines. If you’d like an in-person check of your machine before payment, you’re welcome to drop by our centre for collection.

*Invoice of the repairs/upgrades will be sent directly to your email after payment has been received.

6. Post-Service

We provide warranty on all component part repairs! Warranty duration should have been provided during the recommendations provided by our representatives. Additionally, warranty information will also be provided in your payment invoice.

** Disclaimers

– For every device that comes into our centre, we’ll definitely recommend backing up your data (especially your important stuff) before your device gets sent in! Pronto Arigato will not be liable for any potential data loss that happens throughout the repair/service process.