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Lost All Your Project Data? We’ll Recover It!

If you lose all your data due to faulty hard disks or simply accidentally delete all your files. Fret not, Pronto Arigato is here to recover your data, so that you can be back on track fast!

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Data Recovery Specialist

One of the most damaging things you can do to yourself is to accidentally erase all of the important data stored on a hard drive. But that’s fine. Mistakes happen, and there is nothing you can do about it. What you can do is try to recover the lost files. Because yes, you can recover the lost data (data recovery in Singapore) and that process is called data recovery.

Many people may be confused by the term data recovery. Except, of course, for professionals. And this is due to the fact that data recovery is already difficult. 

Most data recovery shops have the dirty secret that they don’t want you to know and few of them understand the fundamentals of recovering the information; from Hard Disk recovery, SSD Retrieval, Disk, and program repair.

At Pronto Arigato, we will not charge for any hidden or additional service that is not set or known by the customer.

By giving our customers options, we keep our data recovery costs manageable. We hold the responsibility and integrity to offer the most affordable service in Singapore.

If mere retrieval isn’t enough, we could escalate your case up to and involving head and PCB fix or complete platter swaps.

Pronto Arigato data recovery specialists can backup from corrupted, deleted, lost and inaccessible data losses as well as water damaged and burned hard drives.

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Most Common Reasons for Data Loss

Despite the technological advances of modern computers, Data Losses are frequently seen no matter how reliable they are. Even the most advanced, expensive high-quality hardware equipment and highly reliable software tend to not guarantee 100% protection from such an event happening to your PC or Laptop.

Defined as the inability to access data at its usual place by the usual program, Data Loss practically means that due to the errors within the software/hardware operation or due to the improper actions of the user, it would prevent the program from acting as it should.

Let us now define data recovery and its purpose.

Data recovery is simply the process of recovering data that has been lost, damaged, or is no longer accessible to you. Data recovery is important because data is important to most people. Logical data recovery and physical data recovery are the two types of data recovery.

Logical data recovery is the most common type of data recovery. It is concerned with recovering data that has been lost, damaged, or rendered inaccessible by you internally, rather than with any mechanical process. For example, accidental deletion or formatting, data loss as a result of a system crash, and so on. These are classified as Logical Data Recovery.

Physical data recovery is a more complicated data recovery process. It is concerned with recovering data that has been lost, damaged, or rendered inaccessible due to external damage such as spilled water or coffee, fire, flood, and so on.

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The general consensus of failures that leads to Data Loss is generally divided into two separate categories as mentioned above:

  • Physical Data Loss where the failure is caused by the problems within any physical component of the computer
  • Logical Data Loss where the failure is related to the issues within its logical structure.

Hardware Failures

Hardware Failures are the most frequent among the causes of data loss. These include issues with the following components of the computer system:

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) / Solid State Drive (SSD);
  • Computer memory (RAM);
  • Motherboard;
  • Processor (CPU);
  • Power supply (PSU).

The breakdown of disk storage which physically stores the data is likely to result in data loss. As soon as you detect an HDD/SSD failure, under no circumstances should you disassemble the storage, especially if you are not a data recovery professional.

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Human Error

Human Error is yet another common issue that would cause data loss. Either due to lack of experience or inattentiveness, mistakes done by users tend to cause this, following hardware failures.

Accidental Deletion of Important Files

data recovery in Singapore

While working with multiple different programs and files, users may accidentally delete or lose important data. It is not uncommon for even the most careful of users to accidentally do so. Common Operating System (OS) does offer two alternative methods of performing the file deletion procedure:

  • The file can be deleted with the help of the Recycle Bin, which is a two-step method – You delete a file using a context menu or pressing the “Delete” button on your keyboard, followed by emptying the Recycle Bin.
  • Alternatively, by deleting a file using the Shift + Delete keys, it will fully delete the program without putting it into the Recycle Bin, effectively bypassing it.

Usually, the OS will warn the user of such a possible erroneous action, but, as a rule, users fail to pay attention to the warning messages.

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Negligent Disk/Disk Partition Formatting Without a Backup Copy

It cannot be stressed enough to say making a backup copy for all your important files before formatting the drive is one of the most important things to do. Without it, it would mean anytime you attempt to format, you would simply lose all your important data without being able to recover it.

As mistakes are bound to happen, when deciding to reinstall the Operating System, the user may accidentally select the wrong partition and would only find out when the installation is already in progress. It is best to pay attention when you decide on doing anything to any programs, so you do not lose those important files.

Overwriting of File Contents

This is an issue many editors, whether the document, video, image, picture, or audio, face, as any file editor programs enables the user to alter the contents of the file. Usually, once the “Save” button is pressed and the file is closed, the new contents are written over the former ones, overwriting from the previous save.

Unfortunately, there are times you would feel that there is an important point from the previous save that you need to recover, which is difficult to handle by any Data Recovery Software. The only possible thing you can do is continue on with your file, or recreate it from scratch.

Inaccurate Attempts to Recover the Lost Information

The usual reaction when you realize that your important data is lost will panic and overreact, leading to desperate actions to recover said data. In a fit of panic, you will feel looking into those Free Data Recovery Software may assist you to recover your data, though it is never a 100% recovery with any software you use.

We have talked about this in one of our blogs about which of this software may be trusted, but it is unlikely they may fully recover it.

It is worth noting Software Malfunctions are just as common when compared to other kinds of Data Loss. Some of the main types of such corruption are as follows:

  • Backup Software: This is where an error may happen during the process of backing up your files. These file copies may appear to have failed to be created whilst the files have already been deleted.
  • File Editors: This is where file editing software may cause file corruption. The common reason for this is a failure during the procedure of saving files in bulk, where some of the files are updated to the latest modifications yet the rest are damaged.
  • Antivirus Software: An antivirus program may consider the “good” files to be Malware and delete them.
  • Converters: An error that occurs during the process of changing the file format.

Computer Viruses

data recovery Singapore

Like an ordinary virus intrudes on a live organism, a computer virus intrudes on the computer system with the aim to modify the way it operates. It is important to know that computer viruses, first of all, may damage or delete any data on the computer without the user’s consent, and, secondly, they are able to spread, infecting other devices. Although computer viruses are lesser-known to be the reason for Data Loss as compared to the others, they may bring about serious trouble.

Computer viruses are small computer programs. However, unlike normal software, they cannot be controlled and their actions are targeted against the user. The factors causing virus attacks include:

  • downloading cracked and pirate software;
  • opening attachments from unfamiliar e-mail addresses;
  • surfing unreliable websites;
  • non-use of anti-virus programs.

Another reason for Data Loss is related to data theft. Leaving out the cases of data theft when a physical device gets stolen, there are also a lot of instances of logical robbery.

The intruders aim to get the most of the user’s financial and confidential information. As a rule, their target is customer databases of private companies and healthcare establishments, banking details, passwords, secret private or corporate information.

Logical data theft is usually beyond the area of expertise of data recovery companies. However, they may make a forensic inspection of the computer to trace the evidence of a breach.

Protection against data theft is rather an issue of precaution and not post-factum actions. Commonly known means are using antivirus programs, encryption, employment of secured data management systems, using passwords, and laptop lockdowns.

A small percentage of Data Loss includes mainly the impacts of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires. They strike rarely, but right on target!

Catastrophes cause physical computer damages. Not only data storage media but other components of the computer system can be broken, whereas the storage itself may still remain intact. This is good news for users who do not want to turn to a data recovery center. And yet, if you discover that the trouble is in the data storage itself, never try to get inside of it unless you are a data recovery specialist.

Unfortunately, nature neither steps back in its plans nor informs about them. The most reasonable piece of advice is to make timely and preferably off-site backups. Cloud solutions are probably the best option in this case.


Every PC user is at the potential risk of losing precious information. Whatever the real cause of your exact data loss case is, there is always a solution. Deleted files aren’t really wiped until something is written over them, so if you act immediately, you can get them back. In case of physical damage, turn to a data recovery center. In case of a logical failure, be sure to have comprehensive data recovery software at your disposal to bring your files back to the normal state.

Why Choose Pronto Arigato for Data Recovery?

data recovery Singapore

Your data recovery is in expert hands as we have handled thousands of cases over the years, retrieving files from badly damaged sources as mentioned.

Our professional staff and experienced data recovery technicians in Pronto Arigato are able to provide you with expert on-the-spot diagnosis and quality data recovery services at your convenience, time, and place.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all your data recovery requirements. With numerous positive reviews from our customers, we strive to offer our services at competitive prices.

Data recovery technician physcially removing the screws from a bare hard disk

What Pronto Arigato offer when you engage us for your data recovery?

Experienced Data Recovery Technicians

As with any device that stores data, there might be a possibility of faults, malfunction, and also corruption within the data storage. However, if you believe that you might have caused liquid damage to your data storage, bring the device to Pronto Arigato as soon as possible. Because, as with all water damage units, the sooner you bring in the device after the damage is done, the more likely our technicians are successful at fixing it.

Diagnostic Assessment

If your data storage is not behaving and working properly. Come for a diagnostic assessment. Every fix starts with an examination that enables the technicians to determine what is causing the product to malfunction. After which, the user can then decide if they would like to proceed with repairing the device.

Rest assured that here at Pronto Arigato, you will always receive the highest level of service backed up by our commitment to a low labor repair fee, whether you have a cracked screen, water damage, battery issues, virus attack, display problems, or any questions that you may have.

Fair-Price Guarantee

By selecting Pronto Arigato, you will be receiving the highest quality service for an affordable price. Our fair-pricing guarantee makes sure of that. You should never have to compromise on the performance or reliability of your data storage due to the repair costs involved. Every device we fix will also come with a 2 months warranty period covering the fix, should the issue resurface after you leave.

Consumer’s Privacy

Pronto Arigato does not condone the act of searching through our consumer’s information unnecessarily. Only relevant information will be used to perform the service. We take our consumer’s privacy very seriously and exercise strict regulation of PDPA within our company.

We have a special post-repair routine

Our post-repair routine includes:

Testing – Testing to ensure that all problems are resolved more than once.

Waterproofing – Waterproofing entails properly attaching the screen to ensure that water damage does not occur on your device anytime soon after the repair.

Dusting and cleaning – Dusting and cleaning to ensure that your device looks as good as new to you.

Sending video proof – We also send video proofs of the repaired device so you can see how well it works.

Scheduling delivery – We then proceed to schedule the delivery of the repaired device at your convenience. You can also pick up your device by dropping by our store on your own.

Packaging – Finally, we wrap the repaired device in our special bubble wrap to ensure its safety.

hard disk with screwdriver pryed into it to separate it from the hard disk

How Much Will My Data Recovery Repair Cost?

Below is the range of price you would expect when you go for a repair or an upgrade:

HDD/SSD on Software Issue
  • <100GB: $300 – $700
  • 100GB – 300GB: $300 – $700
  • 2TB – 5TB: $200 – $700
HDD/SSD on Hardware Issue
  • <100GB: $650 – $1500
  • 100GB – 300GB: $650 – $2000
  • 2TB – 5TB: $750 – $2000

Feel free to leave us an enquiry in order for us to check your Data Storage for Recovery (only pay when you repair) or give you an accurate quote.

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If you are wondering why the cost of data recovery Singapore is high, read below.

As previously stated, data recovery is a difficult process that necessitates a great deal of patience and knowledge. It cannot be done by anyone, which is why it is significantly more expensive than any other repair service. However, regardless of how much it costs, you will always receive the best service.

Another reason is that in order to provide the best services to their customers, a company must have the most up-to-date technology. And, with these modern technologies, data recovery services can be performed more easily and successfully.

There are several major factors that influence data recovery costs:

  • Obtaining expert employees at an exorbitant hourly rate
  • Parts replacement
  • Technological research and development
  • A secure and safe environment
  • Assurance of quality


What if my device is still under warranty?

Depending on the remaining duration of your warranty, the possible issues on your MacBook, and also the severity of the issues, let our team have a look and we will be able to advise you on the next course of action. Do give us a call so we can better advise you.

How long will the repair take?

For common issues, repairs can take up to 60 minutes. While MacBook repairs for more severe issues will require a pickup from your location straight to our office in Paya Lebar Square.

If you need your MacBook diagnosed quickly, you can come down to our shop directly, where we will be able to advise if you in detail regarding your MacBook repair requirements.

Are you able to do on-site repairs?

For total convenience & time savings for you when booking a MacBook repair technician from Pronto Arigato for your MacBook issues. Let our technicians from Pronto Arigato come to you instead.

You can book our professional MacBook repair technicians and leave additional remarks through our contact form.

Am I able to purchase a new MacBook from Pronto Arigato?

Do take a look at our Shop Tab to look for the latest limited-time deals on MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and other devices.

Why does my MacBook batteries drain so fast?

A major problem with notebooks, laptops and MacBooks is the battery life. Batteries in our devices define how long we can go before rushing for our charging cable wire.

If the battery in your Mac notebook runs out of charge more quickly than you expected, check your battery’s condition. See our article on how you can do that.

In need of emergency on-site repair? — We understand.

Let our technicians from Pronto Arigato come to you instead, our islandwide team of technicians can help save you time and hassle. You can submit a request here or call us at 9299 9626.

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