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laptop cleaning tips and kits

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A laptop has become a means to earn money and a studying partner as well but laptop cleaning is a task that one has do to make the device work for a long time. It is a necessary technology that people have to invest in if they want to get done with all of their work quickly. But it can get a tedious job to maintain its cleanliness as dust and dirt settles down on it. For the task of ensuring that your laptop cleaning is done successfully, read further to know various tips and tricks.

Laptop cleaning at home

Working from home has become a convenient way for employees to work. When your laptop is at home, then laptop cleaning can be done in the following ways. 

  • Clean your screen with a soft cotton cloth. You can use non-corrosive cleaner for your devices when it is approved to be safe for your device. Cotton pads can be utilized as well as it will be a quick way to use and throw it after your laptop cleaning is done. 
cotton pads for laptop cleaning
  • If you are one of those that cannot complete any meal without watching series or movies, then it will not be too bold to assume that your keyboard has dirt inside it. The best way to get rid of it is by holding your laptop tightly and turning it upside down and giving it a good shake with your screen being open. It will remove any kind of big particles that are stuck. 
  • When it comes to cleaning the keyboard, can be a tricky task. Using cotton buds or a soft brush is a super-fast way for laptop cleaning which ensures that there is no dirt. 
brush for keyboard
  • Using a sponge for laptop cleaning is a better way to do it properly. Dip the sponge in purified water and squeeze it completely dry. Note that excessive water can wreck your laptop immensely, so it is essential to not be careless when it comes to water and laptop.
  • It is important to understand that using chemicals that are not accurate for your devices is a big no-no in the laptop cleaning process. It can cause some serious damage and cost you extra expenses that everybody in today’s time is trying to avoid. 
  • Strong light can make your screen dull as it starts the aging process. Avoid keeping your laptops under powerful sunlight if you want to keep your screen intact for a few years. 
  • Constantly moving your laptop from one place to another can be a reason why your hard disk may get damaged. It is better to keep your laptop in a sturdy place which will eliminate the risk of getting it wrecked. 

Laptop cleaning at the workplace

There is nothing better for cleaning your device other than buying a laptop cleaning kit that will ensure the removal of dust in a professional manner. If your laptop is at work then these kits can be carried to your office to make it shine and look prettier.

laptop cleaning kit
  • This laptop cleaning set has numerous items in it including swabs, cleaning glue, brush, microfiber cleaner, etc. 
  • One can carry it anywhere that they want because it is easy to handle and lightweight. 
  • It can be used for various devices like laptops, cameras, and television. 

Price– S$21
Amazon reviews by customers– 4.6/10

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laptop cleaning
  • This one can be used by professionals as it comes with numerous tools that will make your laptop cleaning task as easy as possible. 
  • It consists of brushes that will make your keyboard look as if it is new. 
  • It is a one-time purchase as it can be used for other gadgets as well, and it is a non-stick kit for dust as well. 

Price– S$32
Amazon reviews– 4.4/5

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universal dust cleaning gel
  • When you can turn the hassle of laptop cleaning fun then why not go for it! 
  • This cleaning gel is quite famous on various social media platforms as there are satisfying videos of people cleaning their dirty keyboards with it.
  • There is no need to wash this universal gel after the cleaning is done. It can be reusable repeatedly until it turns into a darker shade. If you are looking for what laptop brand is best, then read the blog to know more.
  • There is no possible harm that can happen to your laptop by using this as no liquid is being used. If you are someone who does not have enough knowledge of professional cleaning, this is the right tool you are looking for!

Price– S$16
Amazon reviews– 4.1/5

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laptop cleaning microfiber and liquid
  • If you are searching for a screen cleaner, then this laptop cleaning tool will be of immense help. 
  • It consists of microfiber cloths and a cleaning spray that is free of ammonia, alcohol, and odor that will keep your screen clean and safe. 
  • You can use it only on any electronic screen because it cleans all and leaves behind no dust. 

Price– S$27
Amazon feedback– 4.6/5

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image 8 edited
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  • If you know how to remove the keys and put them back accurately then go for this cleaning kit because it can be used by professionals easily. 
  • Along with other items, it consists of an air blower which does the job of removing the dust particle with little effort. 
  • There are also key pullers that will aid you to work in a faster manner. 

Price– S$21
Amazon review– 4.4/5

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What help do we give?

laptop repair
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