7 new and best online games to play with friends

online games

Staying home is the new normal. The 2020 pandemic reversed a lot of things we usually do and turned staying at home the new normal. But hey, we can’t stay at home forever. We do go out a few times a month just to get a good look at the outside world. This can be […]

Best iPad replacement service Singapore at Pronto Arigato

iPad battery replacement Singapore

In a perfect world, you will never have to worry about damages, accidents, and everything that might cause harm to your iPad battery. But the world isn’t perfect and of course, your device will face some issues one day or another. There are a lot of situations you will land in where you have no […]

iPhone 13 price in Singapore. Find the best deal

iPhone 13 price Singapore

iPhone 13 and its series is the latest release of Apple’s iPhone series. The iPhone has always been one of the important smartphones to take over the world in this generation. From amazing cameras to many other awesome features, the iPhone seems to be at the top of the game almost all the time. With […]

Which are the popular iPhone colors in Singapore?

iPhone 12

It isn’t every day that you get a chance to buy an iPhone that comes in your dream color. But now it is possible to do that. Apple and most of the other smartphone brands always have a policy of sticking with the same old concept of classic three colors. Silver, Gold, and Black. Some […]

All you need to know before moving to cloud storage

cloud for storage

The growing technology is one of the biggest things that we have to appreciate in this generation. And cloud for storage is one of them. Years ago we probably didn’t even think something like a cloud for storage would exist. And that it will make our work faster and efficient in ways we couldn’t even […]

7 Best cloud storage service you should use right now

which cloud storage is best

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular and an important part for most people in 2021. Most businesses or individuals don’t like having to carry around the physical storage to access your data. And since remote working is pretty popular and big these days, you would only be making it hard for yourself if […]