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android data recovery
Learn more about software for android data recovery

Losing data can be a stressful situation as our phones have become a place to store all the information. If you have lost your data, then there is no need to worry as there is some software for android data recovery which you can use to get it back. It can be divided into two that is android data recovery free and paid. Let’s take a glance at all the advantages that this software for android data recovery has to offer.

Look at free software for android data recovery

Puran data recovery

Puran android data recovery free
  • There is no complication in the process as you can use this software for android data recovery easily. 
  • One can choose between the option to do a deep scan or regular depending on what kind of data you have lost. Download free software for android data recovery with the Puran data recovery file.
  • No need to recover unwanted files and fill up the space when you can specifically search for certain data which needs to be recovered.


recuva android data recovery free
  • It is considered to be the best free software for android data recovery amongst the others. The amazing feature of this software for android data recovery is that it works on any windows system. 
  • This free software for android data recovery has a portable feature, and you will get a user guide to show you how to recover the data quickly. 
  • This android data recovery free software also recovers data from a damaged disk which most of the other software cant do so well. You can get back any files from music, emails, pictures, and more in no time using free software for android data recovery Recuva. 


android data recovery easeus software
  • Android data recovery easeus works wonderfully for android devices because it has an option to search according to the name of the file and the date it was deleted, which reduces the search. 
  • You will find android data recovery easeus easy to use because it has a window format which makes it seem like you are going through your files section. 
  • Android data recovery easeus can be used on both android and iOs makes it a one-stop solution. Read more on data recovery on iPhone. https://prontoarigato.sg/smartphone/data-recovery-on-android/.

Disk drill

disk drill page free software for android data recovery
  • This free software for android data recovery can download up to 500 MB. It gives a preview to people before downloading any file. 
  • You can search files by their name to save time. If there are files with different data that need to be brought back, then this android data recovery free does it accurately. 
  • The android data recovery free disk drill can be paused and resumed again while recovering. The interface is simple to understand. Check out the detailed review here.

Wise Data Recovery

wise data recovery software android data recovery free
  • As the name suggests it is quick in its service. It is tested by professionals, and it is quite fast when it was tested on the PC. 
  • This software for android data recovery is portable. It aids in recovering files from hard drives and USBs.
  • The customer’s review has said it to the “good choice” and the “best file recovery” tool. 

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Paid software for android data

Let’s take a glimpse at these 5 paid data recovery tools and their benefits.

Android data recovery Dr Fone

android data recovery dr fone
  • With traditional recovery items, phone contacts, text messages, and files are recovered from android data recovery dr fone. 
  • Android data recovery dr fone has numerous options as it is a management toolkit that can be used to make life easier. 
  • It can be truly trusted as there are not any data leaks from android data recovery dr fone. 
  • The attractive feature is that it covers up to 6000 android phones and tablet devices which is not given by any other software other than android data recovery dr fone. 

Price– $9.95


DiskDigger android data recovery free
  • With the use of Diskdigger your important photos and videos have disappeared. then retrieve it free of cost from here, but other than that it costs an affordable price. 
  • For more free space you can delete the retrieved file using the pro version for a hassle-free experience which is given by this software for android data recovery. 
  • Best for those who want to do basic scans, but there is a full version as well. It works for androids above 2.2. Also, read more on the best data recovery software.

Price: $14.99


fonelab software for android data recovery
  • It helps in recovering with sim cards, SD cards, and android devices starting from O S 4.0. 
  • It is a great tool for android phones as it aids in recovering phone history and messages. 
  • Recovery of data is done with the damaged phone as well, and critically lost information is brought back in no time by using Fonelab.  


Damaged phone- $31.9

Tenoshare UltData

Tenoshare UltData android software for data recovery
  • Tenoshare UltData aids to increase the quality of that pictures which are undeleted. You can recover google drive which is quite hard but with software for android data, it is an easy procedure. 
  • Business information on WhatsApp can be brought back as well using this data recovery software as it helps people to restore numerous things. 
  • If your phone has gone through any exterior damage, then this software can restore the data well. 


1 month- $35.95

1 year- $39.95

lifetime- $49.95

Fone paw

fonepaw android data recovery
  • While comparing to others this is one of the most costlier software. It covers both Android and iPhone. Takes out the data from the phone’s internal memory as well as SD cards.
  • It is simple yet effective to handle, and those who want to make their task much easier can take this paid software for android data recovery. 
  • It works quite fast, and the Fone paw is known to be a friendly tool

Price: $68.61

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