Which are the popular iPhone colors in Singapore?

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iPhone 12

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It isn’t every day that you get a chance to buy an iPhone that comes in your dream color. But now it is possible to do that. Apple and most of the other smartphone brands always have a policy of sticking with the same old concept of classic three colors. Silver, Gold, and Black. Some companies take a chance and go for colors like blue and green. But these simple colors aren’t the only options for you to choose from in iPhone colors (iPhone 12 Pro colors). Apple decided to go for a more sophisticated and beautiful color palette with their iPhone 12 pro colors and iPhone 12 pro max colors.

The usual iPhone 12 model comes in six colors that don’t have a lot of specialties included in it. These iPhone colors are Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple. There is nothing special or sophisticated about this lineup. But things get interesting with iPhone 12 pro colors and iPhone 12 pro max colors. You have a whole new variety of beautiful colors to choose from. These iPhone colors are Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Pacific Blue. The pacific blue is the one that is entirely new to the category and the rest are more of an upgrade to make it more attractive.

So now we know that we have four amazing iPhone 12 pro colors to choose from. Which one to choose? Well, don’t worry. That is what we are here to discuss. Let’s take a look at these four iPhone 12 pro colors and iPhone 12 pro max colors and dive into which one would be perfect for you in this post.

iPhone 12 pro colors:

iPhone 12 Pro colors
  • Silver
  • Graphite
  • Gold
  • Pacific Blue

iPhone 12 pro colors: Silver

iPhone 12 Pro colors

The color silver is one of the most aesthetic and alluring colors you could ever choose. The silver color in the iPhone 12 pro is not exactly pure silver. It sort of looks like white but the metallic edge is silvery. But just because it isn’t completely silver doesn’t mean it doesn’t flatter our eyes and is still one of the best iPhone colors to get. If you need a simple, elegant, and aesthetic look, you should get the Silver color of the iPhone 12 pro colors. It would match the vibe of a sophisticated yet elegant aesthetic.

iPhone 12 pro colors: Graphite

iPhone 12 Pro colors

The graphite is perfect for people who would go for darker colors anytime. Light colors are pure and everything but dark colors however, they tend to catch the attention much better. The iPhone 12 pro color, Graphite, is similar to black and not completely black. It has a hint of black and a space gray look. If you would like your device to match your vibe of dark yet catchy, Graphite is more than perfect. We would also say that Graphite is good for people who don’t like going after fashion trends and would like to stick with their style.

iPhone 12 pro colors: Gold

iPhone 12 Pro colors

A lot of smartphone brands do not exactly release their phones in pure gold. But Apple does now. So when we say Gold, we don’t mean regular rose gold. It is pure gold and it is much more beautiful than you can imagine. If you are someone with an attractive, flashy, and gorgeous vibe, Gold is sparkly and perfect to choose. You get the right amount of attention you need with this iPhone 1 pro color and in our opinion, it reminds us of the vintage aesthetic. It would fit right in with your vintage and dreamy aesthetic if you are looking for the same thing.

iPhone 12 pro colors: Pacific Blue

iPhone 12 Pro colors

Remember when we said that Pacific blue is the entirely new iPhone color we have come across? It is true. It is nothing like the usual boring blue with a hint of green everywhere. This pacific blue is dark yet light. It is elegant yet luxurious. These might be the dreamiest iPhone colors you could ever get for yourself. It has a polished, simple, and classic look that not a lot of iPhone 12 pro colors could pull off. If you like the darker versions of blue and are a fan of ocean blue, this might be exactly what you were looking for.

Okay, we have seen all of the iPhone 12 pro colors and iPhone 12 pro max colors. Now what? How to choose? That information is not enough?

What iPhone colors to choose is something you need to ask yourself. If you still don’t know which one will be the perfect iPhone 12 pro color, choose according to the previous devices you own. If you adore your Space gray Macbook and now need a new iPhone, go for the Graphite color. If you need a light-colored iPhone to match your white laptops, go for Silver. It is pretty simple. But whatever you decide, we are sure you will be more than happy. 

Because we are not lying when we say these iPhone 12 pro colors are some of the most amazing and dashing iPhone colors we have ever come across. So don’t waste your time and get to it now!

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