iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Which One Should You Buy?

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ipad pro and ipad air

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Apple is always known for the expensive yet creative devices it comes up with. And one of those devices would be the Apple iPad. People like artists and business managers are the ones who would most likely need an iPad from Apple. Or at least it used to be like that. But nowadays an iPad serves a lot of people including students. And as the use of the device is getting increased day by day, Apple certainly did come up with a lot of choices to choose from (iPad Pro vs iPad Air). But we aren’t going to talk about the variety of Apple iPads today. We are going to focus mainly on iPad Pro vs iPad Air.

But why these particular models? Because these models are the fastest growing and are always in demand. The audience of Apple always have trouble when it comes to the question “iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Which one should I buy?”. So let’s take a closer look at both of these devices to finalize which one you should choose now.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Display comparison

iPad Pro vs iPad Air
iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Full Comparison, Images Credit: Amazon

Both the tablets, iPad Pro and iPad Air are quite similar in the display category. Although the display of the iPad Air is a tad bit smaller than the iPad Pro, you may not even notice the difference at first. Unless you compare it closely by placing them both together. But there is one thing you won’t be getting in the iPad Air. The display of both iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro is LCD. While the iPad Pro is known for its first LED display with a stunning design. 

The Apple iPad Pro is also known to be amazingly smooth to work on if you are using the Apple pencil. Both the iPad Pro and iPad Air support the Apple pencil as expected. But the experience you get with the iPad Pro and iPad Air can be noticed after using them. The Apple Pencil is the best thing you can wish for if you are an artist and a student who needs to draw or take notes most of the time. 

So as we mentioned, even though there aren’t a lot of changes between the models, the experience of using the iPad Pro seems to be somewhat better.

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iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Performance

iPad Pro vs iPad Air
iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Performance, Image Credit: Amazon

In the comparison of the iPad Pro vs iPad Air when it comes to performance, the iPad Pro definitely takes the win. The iPad Pro is seemingly powerful and extraordinary in performance and almost matches Macbook’s power. You can edit videos, images, create art and still see how amazing and powerful it is. This is probably the reason a lot of artists choose the iPad Pro over anything for their artworks.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air is powerful but just not as much as the iPad Pro. And that is the fact. Another notable thing in this comparison of iPad Pro vs iPad Air is that the iPad Pro runs on the all-new and powerful Apple’s M1 chips. That is the biggest reason that the iPad Pro easily beats the iPad Air in this battle. Because the iPad Air runs on Apple A14 Bionic processor like the new iPhone version iPhone 12. 

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Hence, as we said in the beginning, this battle is not even a battle because it has been made perfectly clear that the iPad Pro is far more powerful and excellent in performance than any other Apple iPad.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Battery and pricing

According to the official resources and announcement from Apple, both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air have no differences in the battery life category. Both of these models and the other models are said to last for about 10 hours if you use them for normal purposes like surfing, taking notes etc. But if you are using these iPads or any other versions for some extensive tasks like editing, producing etc. it will most likely last only a few hours. 

And to comment about the pricing of iPad Pro vs iPad Air, the current model of iPad Air starts from $600. The price will be if you want to choose a bigger storage option of course. And the price of the 11-inch model of the iPad Pro starts from $800 dollars. The price of the current and latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts from $1000. And just like iPad Air, you can opt for more storage options and the cost will be higher as usual.

The latest and current generation iPad Pro was first released in May 2021.

Which one should I choose? iPad Pro vs iPad Air

The final decision of what you want to buy is something that you should make. Always. You can take away the points made above and decide what you need. And as we repeatedly mentioned, the iPad Pro is absolutely better than the iPad Air in a lot of ways. From performance to display, it just feels like a better and the best model for us.

iPad Pro vs IPad Air
iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Comparison

If you are a student who doesn’t have a lot of uses for the iPad and just want to take notes and create presentations with it, you can definitely go for the iPad Air. You won’t have to do any extensive work on the iPad and the iPad Air will give you what you need.

But if you are someone who relies on the iPad almost all the time, go for the iPad Pro. For people who have a small business or an artist or a freelance worker, the iPad Pro will be a much better deal. 

And that’s it, folks. We are done with the comparison of iPad Pro vs iPad Air. If you liked this blog and found it useful or informational for you, be sure to check out Pronto arigato for more.

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