All you need to know before moving to cloud storage

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cloud for storage

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The growing technology is one of the biggest things that we have to appreciate in this generation. And cloud for storage is one of them. Years ago we probably didn’t even think something like a cloud for storage would exist. And that it will make our work faster and efficient in ways we couldn’t even do. If we lost the data back then it was a lot. Unless you backed it up on the device. But now with the cloud for storage, you can access your data anytime and anywhere using any device.

If you are new to the cloud for storage concept and want to know more about it, keep reading. We are gonna make sure you get a clear idea of the concept when you are done reading this post. And if you need any kind of data recovery in Singapore, make sure to go through our site too!

Enough chit-chatting. Let’s get into understanding what cloud for storage is, shall we?

What is cloud storage?

cloud for storage

Cloud storage is a tool that can be useful for businesses and individuals to store their data online instead of on a particular device. The data saved in cloud storage can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the people who have the access to do so. You can also back up the data stored in the cloud storage to make sure you don’t lose them just in case.

From important documents to media like photos and videos, you can store anything you need in cloud storage. 

This is the basic concept of the cloud for storage. Now you might be wondering what are the differences between physical storage and cloud storage. So let’s take a look at that below.

Physical storage vs Cloud storage:

Physical storage Cloud storage
Physical or local storage is the process of storing your digital data or information on a physical device such as laptops, hard drives etc.Cloud storage is the process of storing your digital data or information in an online storage space or servers. 
Physical data does not need internet connectivity to upload or store your data.Cloud storage needs online connectivity to upload and store your data.
You cannot recover the data lost on physical storages.You can easily access your data stored in the cloud storage without the need of a specific physical device.
Your teammates or people who you work with cannot access your data unless you give them the physical storage.Your colleagues and teammates can easily access your data after granting them access to it without needing to hand over any physical devices.
Physical storage devices can be expensive.Cloud storage is cost-effective and doesn’t drain your money.

These are some of the main factors of physical storage vs cloud storage. We are hopeful you must have understood all of the important things between physical storage and cloud for storage. So let’s move on to the pros and cons of both of them.

Pros and Cons:

Physical storage – Pros:

  • Easy and faster uploading and transferring of data.
  • The capacity of a hard drive will be at least 1 to 2TB so no need to worry about buying more storage often.
  • No need for internet connectivity which means you can easily access your data in case of any networking failures like power shutdown etc.

Physical storage – Cons:

  • It can easily be damaged or stolen and there is no way to recover the data from the storage devices after that.
  • You cannot easily access the data whenever and wherever you want. The storage device has to be present with you all the time if you need to access your data.
  • The cost of storage devices can be pretty expensive and not a lot of people would prefer to pay for it.

Cloud for storage – Pros:

  • The cost for more cloud storage is relatively cheaper than external storage devices.
  • You can access your data whenever and wherever you want without being stuck with a physical device.
  • Your data will be completely secured and only authorized people can access it and you will be the one authorizing it.

Cloud for storage – Cons: 

  • Uploading or transferring the data can take more time than doing the same thing on physical storage.
  • You need access to the internet all the time to look at your data. If there are any unexpected incidents like power shortages or network issues, you cannot access them.

These are the major pros and cons of physical storage and cloud for storage. And yes, cloud storage does have fewer disadvantages than physical storage. But the answer to which one is better is according to your needs and expectations.

If you have come this far and have decided to choose cloud for storage, there are some things you should do before migrating your storage to the cloud. Take a look below.

What to do before migrating to cloud storage?

cloud for storage
  • Create a backup and recovery plan before deciding to switch to the cloud for storage.
  • Make sure you get the best protection needed to prevent any intruders with encryptions and user access.
  • Plan the budget you will be spending on cloud storage.
  • Thoroughly research the cloud platform you choose and start small if you are just beginning with it.

And those are all the things you need to know about cloud storage. In our opinion, cloud storage is a good thing for anyone who relies on the internet and network connectivity (which is almost everyone these days). But that doesn’t mean you should throw away your hardware storage devices. You can still have the data you need in your hard drives or your laptops just in case there comes a time where you can’t access your internet for a bit.

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It comes in handy so don’t rely on just one all the time. It is always good to have a second option.

Have you been using the cloud for storage for your businesses or to access your work data? What has been your personal experience? Let us know about it below.

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