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iPad battery replacement Singapore

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In a perfect world, you will never have to worry about damages, accidents, and everything that might cause harm to your iPad battery. But the world isn’t perfect and of course, your device will face some issues one day or another. There are a lot of situations you will land in where you have no choice but to go for an iPad battery replacement Singapore. So now you have to not only change your iPad battery but also look for a good company that will provide iPad battery replacement Singapore.

iPad battery replacement Singapore
iPad battery replacement Singapore

What are you going to do? Well, we are here to help you with everything you need. Pronto Arigato is one of the places where you can get a good iPad battery replacement Singapore service without any hassles at all. We provide not just battery replacement service for iPad but also all the other repair services you may need. Screen replacement, any damage or issues, data recovery and so much more. All you need to do is ask. Or read this blog to know the details!

But before we get into details of how we perform the iPad battery replacement Singapore service, let’s see when you need to replace your battery for good.

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When do you need an iPad battery replacement Singapore service?

iPad battery replacement Singapore
iPad battery replacement service

There are a lot of signs you can look for to know if you need an iPad battery replacement Singapore service. The most important one is battery draining. The constant drain in the battery can happen because of a lot of reasons.

Another sign to replace your iPad battery is when you just damaged your device by accident and it doesn’t seem to be switching on anymore. In some cases, these signs do not absolutely mean you need an iPad battery replacement Singapore service. Sometimes it may just require a few touch-ups to get it fixed.

Now that you know when you need to replace your iPad battery, let’s now take a look at what causes damage to iPad batteries to a point where it has to be replaced.

What causes damage to iPad batteries that lead to iPad battery replacement?

  • One of the major causes for iPad battery ruining is the screen brightness. If you use your iPad with auto screen brightness then that might not be the problem. But if you don’t, then that might be it.
  • Another important reason is dropping the device accidentally. Either into a hardwood floor or into a liquid substance. Most of the time hard floors won’t do any damage to your iPad battery but liquids definitely will. It is recommended that you consult with a professional if you have dropped your iPad into a liquid because it may cause some injury to you.
  • If you don’t relate to any of the above two cases, your device might be getting old. If you have been using your iPad for more than 2 years, it is a possible reason why your battery is having some issues and needs an iPad battery replacement Singapore service.

If you don’t see any of the above happenings to you and your device, you should probably consult with us in person. We can take a look at your device to figure out if the problem is actually with your battery or not and what is the cause behind it.

So we are going to go ahead and make a guess that you are interested in learning more about how we perform our iPad battery replacement Singapore service. Let’s take a look at that too, shall we?

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How do we perform our iPad battery replacement Singapore service?

How we perform our iPad battery replacement service

Step 1: 

We start by wiping the entire iPad with either dry or wet paper tissue. Then we turn off the iPad to start the iPad battery replacement process.

Step 2:

This is probably where the actual process starts. After shutting down the iPad, we start to remove the LCD screen of the device as carefully as possible. 

Step 3: 

We then start removing the damaged battery from the iPad and replace it with a brand new one. All of our replacement parts are of good quality and we also ensure that you get a 60-day warranty on our services so that you know we are not here to scam. 

Step 4:

Then we remove the old adhesive off of the iPad and apply the new one. Then we can finish the process by re-attaching the LCD screen.

Step 5:

Yes, it is not over yet. We have to make sure the LCD screen and the whole device are stuck properly. So we secure everything and let it be for some time to make sure it looks and works brand new.

And that’s it. After all of this process, we hand over the device to you so you can start using it.

So what do you say? Do you need an iPad battery replacement Singapore service? Skeptical about which company to approach? Approach us right now!

From Macbook and laptop repair to data recovery, we get everything done as quickly as possible. That is the reason we are called Pronto Arigato. And hey, if you want to read more useful and similar blogs, take a look at Pronto Arigato Blog. We upload new tips and tech news every week that you need for any kind of tech situation. Until next time!

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